Hours are Seasonal: Monday - Friday 8 to 7 / Saturday 9 to 7 / Sunday 9 to 1


Order Chart Weight
Whole Pig  
Half Pig  
Cuts Bacon
Chops (thickness) Slab:
Loin Roast Sliced:
Butt Steaks Smoked:
Butt Roast Fresh:
Boston Country  
Spare Ribs  
Loose Sausage  
Sausage Patties  
Rope Sausage  
Top Round Roast  
Rump Roast  
Hams Misc:
Half Heart
Whole Liver
Steaks Tongue
Smoked Hocks
Fresh Smoked
Picnic Fresh
Half: Whole:

Now Selling Angus Beef Sides & Whole Hogs

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